Dear Parents,

Welcome to George Washington Academy! We are very confident that you and your child will be well rewarded for selecting George Washington Academy as your school of choice. It is our goal to provide your child with a high-quality, rigorous education in a supportive environment.

Our school was founded and continues to focus on strong academics. We hope this is one of the reasons you chose GWA. As such, please plan on your child having homework most nights and spend time reviewing our curriculum on the GWA website to understand what to expect. Math is taught a minimum of one year ahead for all students, with the exception of those who are on an Individualized Education Plan through Special Ed. Since we are a Core Knowledge School, Music and Art are required courses and are aligned with our Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Language Arts programs. Be assured that our highly qualified teachers have been trained extensively to deliver the curriculum that has been chosen for our school.

We have very high standards at GWA and encourage and expect students, parents, and our faculty to rise to the level of education that we offer. By consistently working together, we can help your child feel the confidence and power that comes from success. We encourage you to be involved daily in your child’s education.

Since it takes a unity of effort to educate children, GWA parents are encouraged to volunteer their time throughout the school year. One easy way to volunteer,  and the most needed area of help is in assisting with Lunch Duty (playground and cafeteria supervision each day from 10:30 am-1:00 PM).  Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) encourages all parents to volunteer for one school event and one fundraiser. That which we value takes time, commitment, and effort. We appreciate your dedication to your child’s education and that those who choose to come here choose to be highly involved.

You are encouraged to pay close attention to the Uniform Policy. While uniforms are only a part of what makes our school great, adherence to the policy is expected. Uniforms remove one distraction to student learning and help build a cohesive team spirit. Faculty and Staff will be monitoring student uniforms; however, life is much easier for everyone if you and your children monitor his/her uniform daily.

Please carefully read through the Parent/Student Handbook and any updates sent through email, including the Patriot Updates and George Washington Post newsletters.  The suggested Teacher Supply Lists for each grade level are on the GWA website (under parents).

I fully expect this school year to be a wonderful experience for you and your child. Remember, you make the difference in your child’s education, and working together we can prepare for your child for success.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions, or concerns.  I am here to help and love working with parents to ensure the success of each student!


Mr. Clark
Executive Director